Commissions Notes


Note: I’m expanding to both scripts only or the full thing (edit + translation)

1. Each page for a script will come up to 65 cents rounded up to the nearest dollar. For the script edited onto the page, it’ll be $1.00 a page.
2. Work CANNOT have handwritten text. It needs to be printed.
3. No blatant yaoi or loli content. If it has either as a subtext and not the main point of the doujin, I’ll let it slide. Example: A Sena doujin that has a small four page section at the end featuring Maria will slide.
4. No scat or futanari, period!
5. Furry is no go, as well. And by furry, I mean stuff like pony porn or anything that can be its equivalent. Something from the Bessatsu Comic Anthology may pass, depending on my mood and the content.
6. Birthing is out of the question.
7. Try to keep your edit commission from something that has text sitting over the image for majority of the pages. By that I mean, I don’t mind if there is like one section near the end or if it’s a work that doesn’t have much when it comes to background and there is text with the image. However if every page has text on top of the image, I probably won’t work on it.
8. Don’t send me doujin/manga requests that can be described as latest novels you find in Target. In other words, works with huge amount of pages. 20. Good. 25. Fine. 40? I’ll work on it grudgingly. But anything like 50? Forget it. The lone exception is if you request chapters for an ongoing story. At least those have a new environment in the next chapter and such.
9. If you’re going to do a commission request, only send me ONE piece you want done. Do not send me four or five possible choices, or I’ll delete your e-mail from my mailbox.

Once again, the e-mail address for this is (since people were saying that they were having trouble with my Yahoo address.